My Ercoupe 415-C - N3044H

Brian Sanborn, Groton, MA

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Ercoupe 415-C - N3044H
Ercoupe 415-C Interior
Ercoupe 415-C Baggage Area

Ercoupe N3044H

N3044H spent most of her time in California, Texas and recently in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  It is very sound structurally (the wings look new inside), no corrosion and the engine runs strong.  It was flown regularly all year round.

Description of N3044H

1946 Ercoupe Model 415-C, Serial# 3669, 2988 TTAF, Built September 1946

  • White fuselage with bahama blue and christen eagle blue trim. Wings are christen eagle blue.

  • No rudder pedals

  • New bubble windshield

  • New shoulder harness & seat belts using Ercoupe/Alon plans - 2011

  • Wings are fabric covered with Stits P-110 and painted in matching blue Poly-Tone (1995).

  • Continental O-200 engine, 100 HP, 1000+ FPM climb, installed by 337 with FAA signature

    • ~1200 SMOH, 60 amp alternator, spin-on oil filter STC

    • New valve cover gaskets, new air-oil separator in 2012

    • Cessna extended oil breather pickup modification in 2012

    • New muffler and RH exhaust manifold in 2011, new LH exhaust manifold in 2013

    • Brackett air filter STC, Auto gas STCs.

  • McCauley 6950 aluminum propeller - Refinished in 2011

  • New friction lock throttle control in 2013

  • New vernier mixture control in 2013

  • New TCM/Bendix mag switch in 2013

  • New propeller spinner installed in 2013

  • XCOM 760 radio with intercom installed in 2008 (plugs and XLR3 connectors in baggage compartment)

  • Microair T2000SFL transponder with new encoder - Installed in 2008

  • Pointer 3000 ELT. New battery installed in Aug 2013

  • Rebuilt DG (2011), engine vacuum pump, VSI, Turn & Bank in 2009

  • New UMA ASI in fall of 2013

  • New breaker panel on Instrument panel in 2008

  • New PAI-700 vertical card compass in 2013

  • 9 cu.ft. baggage compartment

  • iFly720 GPS with mount installed in 2013, AnywhereMap GPS available as backup

  • New rubber donuts and spacers in main gear to level tail in July 2009 

  • Cleveland wheels and brakes - rebuilt in 2010,

  • New main and nose wheel tires in summer 2013

  • Rebuilt nose gear (has dual fork nose gear with 5" wheel), converted to heim joint steering in 2011

  • New Airtex interior installed August 2013

  • New boarding handles installed in 3013

  • Original pretzel yokes with PTT on each

  • Dual landing lights, position lights, Whelen belly strobe

  • New Concorde RG-35 battery in 2010

  • Detailed airframe logs back to 1947 and O-200 engine logs to 1975 and all 337s and STCs


  • Tow bar

  • Bruce's Custom Covers for wings and cockpit

  • Kennon - cowl plugs & pitot Cover

  • Compression frame for changing rubber donuts

  • Main landing gear jacking shafts

  • Winter oil cooler cover