1962 Triumph TR4 Restoration

Brian Sanborn, Groton, MA

Vintage Triumph Registry

1999 Convention

Summer '99

Lighthouse at Fort William's State Park
With the Sea Fog Rolling In

The biggest gathering of Triumph lovers is at the annual convention of the VTR. I was really lucky on this one. The summer after my first restoration winter season, The VTR Convention was to be in Portland, ME. That's about two hours from me.

My wife Karen and I decided to do the entire 4 1/2 days. We got to Portland on Wednesday around midday. Since I belong to the New England Triumphs, I signed up for some show duties. The first stint was at registration on Wednesday afternoon. I was able to meet many of the people that I have gotten to know through the Triumph Internet Mail List. There was a reception the first night and lots of e-mail friendships found faces.

On Thursday morning we got up at 5:00 AM to be ready for our 6:00 AM caravan run up to L. L. Bean in Freeport, ME. The half hour drive was mostly rural roads and went through some really beautiful country. We had a lot of fun but spent too much money on stuff. I did the tech seminars that afternoon. The auction was held that evening. I was a go-for helper and sold some stuff as well.

Friday was a "Kennebunkport Tour" . We enjoyed the route down that the organizers had planned out. Spent a couple of hours in the village and headed back on the local roads. I didn't do the autocross because I hadn't done any work on the suspension, shocks or brakes. I didn't think the car was up for it and didn't what to break anything that would make getting home a problem. At least that's what I told myself. Next time I'll be ready. Friday night was a big lobster bake on Peaks Island in Portland Harbor.



That's My TR4 in the Middle

On the Saturday, everyone gathered at Fort William's State Park for a panoramic photo and a day of car show. Through a little blind luck, we were there early and got right down in front and in the center for the photo. I was kind of lost and a guy says "Hey you, right this way". There I was right up front.

Here is the TR4 on display on the field later in the day with a bunch of other TR4s. I got such a bad case of wire wheel envy from all the beautiful TR4s that I ordered a set of chrome wire wheels from the Roadster Factory at a great discount and free shipping. See... I saved money Dear.

New England Triumphs Show Three Beautiful TR4s

The black TR4 on the left is a magnificent jewel owned by Tom Levitt. The BRG TR4 behind my car is owned by Don Sforza. This car is restored to original and looks just like my BRG 62 TR4 from my youth. I used a complete set of 50+ pictures of Don's car as a benchmark for my restoration work. I was in great company that day.