2002 Miata LS

Brian Sanborn, Groton, MA

This is my new 2002 Miata LS.  In the spring of 2005, this car replaced my red 1962 Triumph TR4 that I fully restored to almost new condition and enjoyed for many years.  The Emerald Green Mica paint is a reminiscent of the old British Racing Green of the 1960s sports cars.  I love the the tan leather seats with the dark green color.  The car has the LS upgraded 16" wheels, larger brakes, front suspension brace, Bose audio and 6-spd gearbox.  

Update: I sold this car after seeing the new 2007 NC model with the retractable hardtop.  I could not resist and bought one in Copper Red in January of 2007.  Check out the new Miata

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