2007 Miata 
Roadster Coupe GT (PRHT)

Brian Sanborn, Groton, MA

This is my new 2007 Miata Roadster Coupe or PRHT.  This car replaced my green and tan 2002 Miata LS.  It was an unplanned impulse purchase.  I saw the retractable hardtop demoed at a Miata club meeting and I was hooked.   The dealer gave me an end of December great deal that I could not refuse...  it was not my fault.  It was sad to turn in my wonderful green and tan 2002 LS but I guess I'll just have get over it.  

The third generation MX-5 Miata is an absolutely wonderful sports car.  It was voted best-in-class, buy all the major car mags and Consumer Reports.  The second generation Miata I had would be hard to beat but this complete redesign of the Miata concept is the best by far.  It has a little bit more room and comfort and but does lose any of the "sports car" feel.  It weighs about 2450 lbs which about the same as a Triumph TR4 or TR6 but is in the 0-60 class of 6.5 secs.  It has retained the delightful "go-cart" handing of its predecessors and added a buttery smooth 6-spd gearbox and very responsive powerful new MRZ 2.0 liter engine.  It's not the 35 HP gain that is the big deal.  It is the 140 ft/lb of torque that is available at all times from 1500 to 7000 RPMs. There is endless joy in winding up this engine.

The retractable hardtop is just plain"slick".  Up or down in 12 seconds.  It is air tight when up and rattle free when down.  and... it fits into the space as the regular soft top.  You still have the same trunk space up or down. Check out the retractable hardtop demo.

Future Projects

The first order of business was to fix the terrible Mazda "Meep-Meep" horn.  This poor meek little horn is so bad that you might as well have no horn at all.  Right off the bat,  I installed one of those new Nautilus Twin Air horns from Thompson Products.  Now when those dumb SUV drivers try to run me off the road, because they can't hear or see anything around them, I can use my new horn that sounds like a big 18 wheeler coming up their tailpipe.

Winter tires and wheels will be needed for next winter... a good fall project.  I had the factory interior light kit on the NB Miata and liked them.  I also had a simple aftermarket security system that used that extended the keyless entry system. The factory front and rear mudguards worked out well on the old Miata.  All three of these are good spring projects.   

The stock exhaust on this new Miata is better the stock 2002 Miata but way too quiet for me.  I want to hear the exhaust note not the engine when I am running through the gears. I had installed a RoadsterSport 3 aftermarket sport exhaust system on the old Miata.  That was much nore sports-car-like but just a tad too loud for me even with the baffle in.  It was fine when cold but when the system got completely heat soaked the noise got a too noisy for an old guy like to have.  This an expense modification so some research on real cars from other Miata club members is in order.

I'll continue to update the site as I make modifications to the car.  Stop by again.

More to come!!!

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